Considering People over Profit

The concept of Economic demolition (“Ed”) was played out for the world to see on September 11, 2001. But what exactly is Ed? We are talking about the end of a particular economic-era, the end of 210 years of Commonwealth governments and banks operating in bankruptcy (debt). The World Trade centre (“WTc”) had been filled to its brim with nothing but government and banking debt instruments including several types of commercial paper – bonds, securities, medium term notes etc.

Consequently, we can quite easily take a view, that in order for the new economy to take its position in the market place, the old system had to be destroyed. That is to say, the twin towers and other buildings had to be demolished in order to destroy the said commercial paper, which by that time had become redundant. The problem with that, however, is that the Ed process involved the sacrificing of innocent people. In general, making people expendable for profit is called “fianchetto (chess move were the pawn clears for the back row’s fools-mate).” People have been made to be expendable just like the pawn and that is not acceptable by people of high sentient awareness.

FRRf is against fianchetto and are necessarily promoting Afianchetto – which is to say: Considering People over Profit; and not the opposite.

However,  FRRf acknowledges that Ed is important in a fiat monetary society like we have in the world today, but without fianchetto. Our main goal toward having proper Allodial Titles for Property, Sovereignty Certification, Solvency and Afianchetto, therefore, has to be that of a golden age society where very little need for a medium-of-exchange (fiat money) exists. This may sound like an ambitious statement; however, it is very possible – hence, we welcome REVO Coin – the world’s First and Only Fully Asset-Backed Digital Currency.

The last time this was nearly achieved (an economic-era based on credit only, and no debt) was before the Egyptian times; in the Atlantean era. However, we point out if they (the demolitionists) would just perform Ed without making people expendable, we would have an economic golden age with cLPT provisions along with the Sovereign ICJ-ICCREVO Coin and the digitalReserve, at the core thereof.

We also acknowledge that there has to be a world-wide re-education process about the real facts regarding governments, banking, money and about the revolutionary blockchain technology. Once the illusion of the perceived significance and value of money is removed, it becomes easier to place people over profit; Afianchetto.

“It is by Divine Authority of the Creator that all People are endowed with certain unalienable, natural Rights and Liberties; which no authority, man-made law, government or religion can rightfully diminish or abolish. Any power that attempts to do so is tyrannical and illegitimate, even if it operates according to its own laws – for such tyranny is a denial of the Natural Laws of Creation”

Introduction to the common Law Pure Trust (cLPT)

common Law Pure Trust (cLPT) protects one’s land, assets and indeed certification of sovereignty from any government intervention. By positioning one’s land and assets properly, they manage and control them, but never own them. This language is very critical for proper control. Simply, if one owns land and assets, they owe taxes, duties, and allegiance to the managers or controllers. If one positions themselves as the latter, they are then the controllers and managers. It is that simple and the sole way of re-positioning oneself is through a cLPT.

This simplified introduction is to give a cursory instruction in execution of the trust. The “cursory” factor means that when one receives their trust, they only need to sign certain documents to execute it. Some other signatures will already have been done, so the Antrustiones (Trust Officers) need not be concerned with so many details. However, it is true that one should know as much as possible about their trust; but the Trustee(s) and managing Director(s) should appreciate that the present revisionist-author has taken many years to become proficient in this work. The Exchangor/Grantor signs the Pure Trust certificate (PTc) along with the Trust Creator, and the cLPT is executed. 

In short, the cLPT is the ultimate vehicle for Property and Asset protection from legal and government tyranny.

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