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Property & Conveyances

First Republic Registrar foundation (FRRf) is extremely proud of its ability to create, record and hold proper Allodial Titles in accordance with common Law Principia (cLP) and provisions of the foundation articles. FRRf is also protected by international law, the Uniform Commercial code (UCc) and is upheld by the Sovereign ICJ and ICC. All our documents have been vetted by trust and foundation experts and have been UCc coded.

In a contracts-law society all corpus, property and conveyances must be properly documented and recorded with sufficient certainty of Allodium. That is to say, with no ambiguous, precatory or incomplete application of language and/or procedure.

All records of proper Allodial Titles must have the following items:

  • Date of Issue:
  • Property Location and/or description:
  • Primary Title number (provided by PTCNPTf):
  • Secondary Title number (issued by the STATE):
  • Transferor(s)/Grantor(s):
  • Transferee(s)/Grantee(s):
  • Attestation (2 witnesses):
  • Holder (foundation Trust):
  • UCc and cLP provisions:.

Attestation is an important part of the process. This is acknowledgement of proper execution of transfer of title by way of two signatories. These signatures would normally be of the Transferor, the Transferee and two additional parties to witness the act. However, any Allodial Title created and issued by the foundation only requires two signatures. These can be signed by any certified sovereign individual thereof (ie., Exchangor/Grantor or Trustee), and co-signed by any appointed Managing Director.

Sovereignty certification is also an important aspect of Allodial Title holding. One who controls and/or benefits from the use of land, property or vehicles must also be a certified sovereign, else he/she are using such benefits and privileges illegally. Sovereignty Certification and Allodial Titles to property means that the individual has enacted the benefit/privilege use thereof.

The Allodial Titles created and issued by FRRf resolves all commercial marketable titles and deeds. In addition, certified sovereignty allows for Allodial Title issuance making the individual Lord and/or Lady Sovereign entitling unto their rightful singular birthright as a human being enjoying the benefits/privileges of the land associated with the Allodial Title hereof. “As of the Grace by the Sovereign Himself (1 Blackstone’s Commentaries 242 Corpus Juris Secundum)” – AGbSH (ag- besh) also is regained in sovereignty and/or the freedom of choice in any matter.

When a society uses a physical medium-of-exchange (money and/or marketable titles), it is best evidence of a contracts-law society. Hence, without a written contract (two signatures minimum) Allodial Title, the land and first estate remain in ordained Allodium and if the individual first estate (clay temple – physical body) has no sovereignty certificate, they are a mere non-sovereign without an enacted certificate.

Certified sovereignty makes the individual a legal practitioner of his/her benefits/privileges (government licences) issued by any government. Without sovereignty certification, the individual used his/her licences in an illegal manner. The Lord/Lady Sovereign has the privilege of issuing trust foundation written instruments that include Allodial Titles (proper original land titles), Plea in Bar and/or Nullification Act (Notice of Dishonor UCc 3-503 – defeating any legal challenge at merit), Letters of credit or asset-backed digital currencies (money), Law suit (redress of grievance), Liens (tax, land, personal, etc.), Letter of Rogatory (reciprocal response in any issue), and not excluding any other legal instrument including the creation of government, their laws and all necessary entities thereof.

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