It has become obvious to those awakened to sovereignty certification that the applicationregistration and submission of a birth certification form is the creation of a legal entity (i.e., the ALL CAPS NAME) and a subsequent legal-title claim, albeit a fictional title. It is fictional because a bankrupt entity such as a state government cannot lawfully create and issue titles of nobility nor Allodial titles. No corporate entities or agents thereof are authorised to issue Certificates of Sovereignty or Certificates of Allodial Titles. However, Allodial title to our physical flesh and blood body a.k.a., the Sovereignty Certificate is applicable, lawfully supersedes and is paramount to the birth certificate.


Private Public
National International
Admiralty Law Common Law
Law of the Sea Law of the Land
Statutes & Legislations Uniform Commercial code
Legal Titles/ Legal Entities Allodial Titles/ Real Properties
Birth Certification Sovereignty Certification

A certified sovereign human being, therefore, is acting within his/her own ordained sovereignty and birthright jurisdiction of laws and principles; as if acting within their own authority and nationality, so to speak.

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