Allodial Titles

The Necessity for Allodium 


What is Allodium? Allodium is a natural and Common Law principle that pertains to the position of Full-Title to some identifiable real property. By Full-Title we mean that the interest in the item/property belongs to one or more specific identifiable real living man/woman.

However, in world of legalese and contract’s law, titles to property are usually divided into at least two parts. The two main parts being legal-title and equitable-title. Furthermore, the separation of these two titles can sometimes be addressed as a bifurcation of title, especially in a mortgaged situation where the registered charge has also been separated from the two titles. This poses what is deemed as an unlawful situation, since the charge (i.e., mortgage) on a property must always accompany the legal-title to that property. In a mortgaged situation, bifurcation occurs, for instance, where the local Land Registry has recorded the charge on the property, but fails to record and keep a paper trail of the interest on the actual title. A mortgage securitisation audit will show that the interest (i.e., details of the holding party(s)) to the title to the respective property has shifted from one individual or special purpose vehicle/entity to another. It can be a mind-boggling exercise to follow up and chase the movement of the paper-work/paper-trail. But this is no acceptable excuse for any localised land registry. It is paramount under Natural and International Common Law that true ownership (and/or interests) in property must be expressed and publicly noted at all time.

So, another name for Full-Title therefore is Allodial Title. When a property (whether landed or a conveyance) has an Allodial Title certificate associated with it, it is said to be in Allodium. Meaning: the property is freely held without obligation of service to any overlord.  

Allodial Titles to Landed Property and to Private Conveyances

In the world of legalese with respect to landed property, for instance your home, a title deed is evidence of a legal-title claim of a fictional legal entity seen as the ALL CAPS PROPERTY ADDRESS, and is a mis-representation of a real brick and mortar property that exists in reality. To resolve this mis-representation, we issue a Certificate of Allodial title to the natural brick and mortar property. This is also known as ‘fee simple’, which refers to an individual’s absolute ownership of land and/or landed property. It is the most complete ownership interest an individual can have in real property, and with a fee simple title, the owner has the right to possess, use or dispose of the land as they choose. The interface between the two titles (i.e., title deed and allodial title) is the UCc.

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