Code of Conduct

The Oath of FRRf’s Antrustiones

“I swear under penalty of perjury and with full commercial responsibility, that I will always choose to conduct myself and act in honour and good faith, in the performance of my rights, duties, responsibilities and liberties both in my private life and in the performance of my duties within FRRf©.”

Sovereign solidarity is the cohesion 

between Solidarity 

and Sovereign Nations

Code of Conduct Summary

First Republic Registrar foundation (FRRf) is a Sovereign Inter-Governmental Organisation (SIGO), dedicated to empowering and guiding individuals and communities, through the principles of sovereignty, solvency, and afianchetto. We believe that by fostering peace, harmony, and positive action within ourselves, we can create a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

Cultivating Peace from the Inside Out

The Law of Attraction posits that our thoughts, beliefs, and actions have a direct impact on the experiences we attract. As a SIGO, FRRf embodies these principles by actively choosing ‘morals and codes of conduct, that promote peace and cooperation. We avoid engaging in confrontational situations or legal disputes, recognizing that such actions will mostly generate negativity and conflict.  This aligns with the concept of sovereign responsibility, where we are accountable for the energy we project, and the situations we thereby create and/or attract.

By focusing on building strong, harmonious communities from the “inside-out,” we aim to cultivate a space where individuals can thrive, and disputes can be resolved peacefully through open communication and mutual respect. This approach fosters a sense of personal empowerment, allowing individuals to take control of their lives and navigate challenges with a peaceful, and solution-oriented mind-set.  This philosophy extends beyond individual  actions, and has been utilized for the principles outlined in our First Republic Sovereign Treaty (FRST), for sovereign individuals.

Legal matters

FRRf as a SIGO is not a statutory legal entity, and as such cannot in any way, offer legal advice, particularly concerning arrests, detainments, imprisonment, incarceration and other legal matters of a criminal nature. ALL of our documentations are issued in a sovereignty context, and NOT as a way to void legal problems. Sovereignty Certification is not a silver bullet against legal issues, it is a means of Certifying the Nobility of our soul and spirit whilst in its’ human embodiment. However, we do believe that prevention is better than cure, so before any legal issues arise, take the time to find out how our services can assist. Contact us here. Study our blog posts for more elucidation on sovereignty, allodium, exemptions, commercial redemption matters, and so forth.

First Republic Sovereign Treaty (FRST)© is built on the principle that Sovereign Solidarity is the cohesive force between Solidarity and Sovereign Nations:

Building a Foundation for Self-Determination

FRST will establish a framework for establishing sovereign nations, based on three dimensions of “sovereignty”,  “solvency”, and “afianchetto”, which serve as a bedrock for self-determination:

Self-Governance: The ability of a community to determine its’ own laws and leadership, without external interference. This empowers individuals to actively participate in shaping their society, and ensures that governing structures reflect the needs and values of the community.

Self-Determination: The right of a community to define its’ own future and chart its’ own course. Self-determination allows communities to establish their unique cultural identity, social systems, and economic models.

Self-Defence: The capacity of a community to protect itself from harm and ensure its’ security. A strong self-defence capability fosters a sense of safety and stability, allowing communities to thrive without fear of external threats.

Self-Sufficiency: The ability of a community to meet its’ own needs and be independent from external reliance. Self-sufficiency encourages resourcefulness, innovation, and a strong internal economy.

International Standing: The recognition and respect of a community, by other nations on the world stage. International standing allows a community to engage in mutually beneficial relationships with other nations and participate in global affairs.

FRRf believes that by adhering to these principles, individuals and communities can achieve true sovereignty – the ability to live life on their own terms, free from undue control or interference.  This empowers individuals to create a future filled with peace, prosperity, and a deep sense of personal fulfilment.

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