Introduction to First Republic Registrar foundation

First Republic Registrar is a common Law Pure Trust foundation established in Dec 2013. As a common Law Registry and Private Records Archive, its purpose is to provide an international platform for all good sovereign governments, organisations and peoples to file and record good title to the natural human body, to landed property, and to private conveyances. Play video to learn more.

Introduction to Sovereignty Certification

This short video presentation is set out to raise awareness of your birthright and natural freedoms. This will include an understanding of Ordained Sovereignty, Certification of Sovereignty as well as an explanation of the Equitable Maxims of Sovereignty. Play video to learn more.

Sovereignty and its Relationship to the Uniform Commercial code (UCc)

The Uniform Commercial code, or UCc, is the present day international law as it pertains to banking and world-wide logistics of contract and trust law. It is better yet described as Private International Common Law. This video presentation distinguishes the relationship between Sovereignty and the UCc. Play video to learn more.

Other Videos