Identity Card

Private International Record of Certified Sovereign Individual

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Record Detail: 

First Republic Registrar recognises the Ordained and Certified Sovereignty of the living being identified by virtue of this Identification Card and Private Records Archive.


1. Birthright Reserved in All Jurisdictions: UCc 1-207, 1-308!

2. COVID-19 Certified Exemptions: Testing, Medication, Vaccination and/or Mask wearing by consent only!

3. Commercial Certified Exemptions: Licencing, Taxation and/or Torts.

4. Do Not Interrogate, Do Not Detain, Do Not Arrest – unless under suspicion of causing loss, harm or damage to living beings and/or personal/private property.

5. Without Restriction to Travel: UDHR Article 13.

The Above provisions are in place on the grounds of the automatic and permanent voiding of all previous fictitious and/or fraudulent conveyance of language and/or incorrect sentence structure communication parse syntax grammar – with respect to assumed and presumed contracts, claims, treatise, legislations, statutes and the likes.


1. Aboriginal Indigenous International Citizen, domiciled on the Land of England (UK).

2. Certified Sovereign as: Lord John-Henry: Doe.

3. Spiritually known as: [XXXX XXXX: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

4. [Profession] c/o [Entity].

5. Philanthropist and Humanitarian Projects Co-ordinator.

Any breach or attempted breach of the Certified Sovereignty against the recipient/holder will be taken as a violation of the recipient’s birthright as exemplified above and shall be dealt with by the force of the common law and will result in a Lawful Commercial Lien with a monetary value starting from One Million Great British Pounds (£1,000,000.00 GBP) or the equivalent in gold and/or silver – per perpetrator and per violation.


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