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Client Responsibility

Clients using our products and services are solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information they provide. We verify the accuracy or authenticity of the information provided by clients through Affidavit/Oath under penalty and perjury joined to our First Republic Sovereign Treaty (FRST). Therefore, we accept that all information that the client is providing is reliable.

The good faith, to be in honour, the Affidavit/Oath under penalty and perjury and First Republic Sovereign Treaty are the evidence for us of that the information that clients share is True. And this allows us to certify and authenticate their documents.


By using our products and services, clients agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of https://firstrepublicregistrar.org, their affiliates, employees, and agents from any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, or expenses arising from false or misleading information provided by clients. Our evidences of proof of any bad faith and/or dishonour are the Affidavit/Oath under penalty and perjury and FRST, signed.

FRRf gives-in its copyright documents to clients that are issued from our Antrustiones. Therefore, clients sign an Affidavit/Oath and FRST what they now have to hold with regard and respect.

If a client gives information to FRRf in bad faith and dishonour, and evidence is found, then FRRf will open an investigation regarding the case.

Therefore, FRRf also reserve the right (if evidence of bad faith and dishonour is verified), to start an Admiralty International Administrative Process against the client using Fee Schedule of Negligence, Injury, Harms and Torts Claims© that was accepted when the client signed our FRST.

Then we will publish a warning regarding this client within the website with the proof obtained during the investigation.  

FRRf’s Antrustiones will always act with good faith and stand in honour since we signed our own OATH regarding our conduct as Officers of FRRf. With any given situation or case, we will always act under presumption of innocence of living man, woman, ordained sovereign. We will never accept any case that does not have the real evidences/facts against another living man, woman, ordained sovereign. Without evidences/facts, there is no case.

If a client presents non-verifiable (or fake) evidences/facts, this living man, woman, ordained sovereign will be warned that he/she is acting with bad faith and dishonour.

FRRf also reserve the right to Suspend or Disqualify sovereignty certification of any individual found to be in violation or mis-use of documents officiated by our Antrustiones. Being sovereign certified is not just about paperwork. It is primarily about how an individual conduct themselves, which they must do with decency, honour, and respect toward other sovereigns and also non-sovereigns.