FRRf is primarily established as a world-wide Registrar reflecting the changing paradigms of our lives and our consensus view of reality, in parallel with the new uniform commercial economy.

What is Solvency

Certificate of Solvency Having a Solvency Certificate is like having belt and braces (an abridgement to the Sovereignty Certificate). I.e.,...

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What is Personal Sovereignty?

Birthrights and Freedoms Personal Sovereignty is the concept where individuals possess inherent birthrights and freedoms that cannot be infringed upon...

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The Proto-Notary

General Introduction to Notaries The status of the Notaries public has to do with an officer of the law (or...

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UDCRF Meets Blockchain

The commercial infrastructure of today and tomorrow  Most people within the ‘banking,’ ‘redemption,’ ‘freeman’ and ‘sovereignty’ space, have heard about...

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Sovereignty Certification

Why is Sovereignty Certification necessary? We are all very familiar with birth registration, which has been a requirement of most...

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What is Sovereignty?

Reality Check! Sovereignty is ultimately about freedom. Every man and woman on earth plane today has some idea of what...

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