Registrar Listings – Sovereignty, Trusts and Allodial Titles

Certified Sovereigns

Category AAA: FRRf Antrustiones and Honorary Members
Reserved for those who hold titles such as H.E, HRH, Emperor, Empress, etc and work closely with FRRf Antrustiones on pilot projects such as infrastructure, banking and community development.

Category A: Pro-Active Sovereigns
Reserved for those of us who hold titles such as H.E., HRH, Emperor, Empress etc. and work on similar projects to that of Category AAA, but independently.

Category B: Active Sovereigns 
Reserved for those of us holding titles such as Lord, Sir, Lady etc., and in some form, are active in humanitarian projects.

Category C: Everyone else
Reserved for those certified as sovereigns, with or without a title, but with undefined roles and/or status in terms of activity.

NOTE: This is not a complete listing. Some individuals have either opted out of this record for security, privacy or other reasons or, FRRf have reserved to right to list/unlist certain Sovereignty records for the same. Other Categories include those that have been SuspendedDisqualified (See Disclaimer) or those that are Deceased.