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Bespoke Records

  • Bonds and other Negotiable Instruments
  • Commercial Liens
  • Private Organisations’ Members Listings 
  • Special Humanitarian Projects
  • Special Public Notices
  • White Papers

FRRf Bespoke Records

Our bespoke records page provides private individuals and organisations the opportunity to post and list certain items, as a means of a thrd-party verification process or simply as public notices.

Bonds and other Negotiable Instruments

  • nil

Commercial Liens

  • nil

Private Organisations’ Members Listings

  • Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam – Ministers and Honourable Ambassadors (DOSM) (web)
  • Kingdom of St. Penn Solidarity (web)
  • Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium 
  • Maroon Tribal Nativity 

Special Humanitarian Projects

  • UHTf – United Humanitarian Trust foundation (web)

Special Public Notices

  • nil

White Papers

  • PECU – Penn Economic Currency Units (web