Sovereign IGO Status

International Presence.

We are here in service to humanity in all parts of our Earth-Plane.

FRRf as a Sovereign Inter-Governmental Organisation 

On 20th February 2024, First Republic Registrar foundation (FRRf) advanced to the status of Sovereign Inter-Governmental Organisation. This was achieved by private contractual treaty with the Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium (TKoA), as its official registrar. Shortly thereafter on the 7th March 2024, the Sovereign ICJ-ICC (International Court of Justice – International Criminal Court) was also granted an official seat by the Government of Atmaurium. These two monumental achievements now pave the way for the TKoA to be further recognised on the world-stage of Sovereign nations as part of the Moorish Empire.

As an IGO, FRRf now embarks on its journey toward uniting and conglomerating several other Sovereign Groups, under the First Republic Institution International Treaty (FRIIT). This treaty is committed to supporting and empowering indigenous communities worldwide.

FRRf and FRIIT, along with our partners, adopts the slogan “working with and not against.” We believe in fostering an environment of collaboration, mutual respect, and understanding. By working together with various Nations, Solidarities and other Organizations, we aim to assist the design and building of a golden-age world-wide community complete with all the amenities and necessities required for a fully functioning independent network. Our vision includes the development of infrastructure for homes, farms, industrial factories, hotels, health resorts, schools, hospitals, tourism, education, trade, and banking… in line with the Montevideo Convention (Treaty of December 26, 1933, Uruguay) guidelines on the ‘Rights and Duties of States.

With our status as Sovereign IGO, FRRf is dedicated to empowering indigenous communities through our registration service and database – by way of our Foreign Office and Eagle-Eye Ministerial Departments. By working together with partners who share our values, we can establish a world-wide community that benefits from our collective strength and wisdom. Let us embrace one and other and create a brighter future for indigenous peoples across the earth.

Governance and Applicable Law

The law forum and Treaties of FRRf as a Sovereign IGO is the common Law Principia (cLP) of the common Law Pure Trust (cLPT), document no. FRRF774624742. We also adopt relevant principles of the Uniform Commercial code (UCc) as a means of inter-trading and commerce with other Sovereign Entities, Government’s and Large Corporation entities. 

See Treaties on our bulletin page here.