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Welcome to our Institutional Bulletin where we feature and emphasize our Goals, Laws, Treaties, Acknowledgements, Disclaimers, News, Announcements and Glossary of Definitions.

22nd March 2024

FRRf Fee Schedule of Negligence, Injury, Harm and Tort Claims

Download full Fee Schedule here.  

18th March 2024

FRRf Eagle-Eye Ministries

FRRf initiates the establishment of the Eagle-Eye Ministerial departments:

  1. International Private Advocate Department: to assist individuals, for example with human rights issues, taxation issues, or commercial debt issues.
  1. International Institutions Observer Department: for the purposes of keeping an eye on world affairs.

15th March 2024

Affidavit to Acknowledge UN Treaties

FRRf Acknowledge by Affidavit the following United Nations (UN) treaties in order to strengthen its position on the world stage of Sovereign Solidarities.

  • Universal Postal Union, 9th October 1874; 
  • Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, 9th September 1886;
  • Commercial Convention, Geneva, 24th March 1930;
  • Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 18th April 1961;
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 10th December 1948.

12th March 2024

FRRf Established 2x Treaties

First Republic Treaties

  • First Republic Institution International Treaty –  for Sovereign Kingdoms, Nations and States 
  • First Republic Sovereign Treaty – for Certified Sovereign Individuals

20th February 2024

FRRf advances to its new position as a Sovereign IGO 

FRRf advanced to the status of Sovereign Inter-Governmental Organisation (IGO) by virtue of its official position with the Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium. See more here.

20th February 2024

Official Agreement with the Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium

The Official Agreement with the Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium (TKoA) and First Republic Registrar foundation (FRRf) to acknowledge and appoint FRRf as it official Registrar, was issued and signed.

1st December 2021

FRRf officially publishes its common Law Principia

Although enacted in 2013, FRRf officially publishes its common Law Pure Trust Principia on 1st December 2021, as its original law.

19th July 2019

FRRf issues its first State Sovereignty Certification 

Along with a full Feasibility Report for Allodium, FRRf issues its first Certificate for  a Sovereign State: The Tsalagiyi-Cherokee Nation, including issuing Allodial Title for the Nation’s lands and territories.  This process was acknowledged by H.E. HRH Empress Chakra ‘Rare Bird’ Ningrat, of said Nation State.

20th February 2019

Special Notice to All Solidarities, Sovereign Realms and Kingdoms

FRRf published to its website www.frrf.org a Special Notice to All Solidarities, Sovereign Realms and Kingdoms, to announce its official position. This notice was witnessed by Sri Dr. Lord Grantham Taylor Hughes of The Bauer foundation (TBf). 

27th July 2017

ICJ & FRRf Memorandum of Agreement

An ICJ – FRRf Memorandum of Agreement was created and signed to establish FRRf as the Official Registrar of The Sovereign International Court of Justice and the Sovereign International Criminal Court (SICJ & SICC).

12th December 2013

First Republic Registrar foundation is established as a common Law Pure Trust 

First Republic Registrar foundation (FRRf) was established on the 12th December 2013 by way of the enactment of a common Law Pure Trust (cLPT), by Fidelity Ceremony – as an International Common Law Registry and Private Records Archive. This enactment and establishment was agreed upon by, Sri Dr. Lord Grantham Taylor Hughes of The Bauer foundation (TBf), the author of FRRf’s original Trust Instruments. including the (1) Pure Trust certificate (PTc), (2) Declaration of a common law Pure Trust Contract (DcLPTC), and (3) Sovereignty Certificate.