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    Working in love, harmony and unity for the wellbeing and betterment of humanity

    ***  Our Oath  ***

    “I swear by the Most High  that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Majestic Group, and its successors and that I will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully defend the Majestic Group, Its successors in person, and dignity against all enemies and will observe and obey all orders of the Majestic Group, and successors and of the generals and officers set over me. I do solemnly, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm that I will be faithful (all boundaries with morality) and bear true allegiance to the Majestic Group, successors and that I will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully with dignity against all enemies and will observe and obey all orders of  of the generals and officers set over me.”

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    Let us work and build a new world together.