United Republic of Sovereign Nations

A Universal Solidarity for Indigenous Peoples (“USIP”)

USIP is the head organization of The United Republic of Sovereign Nations, which is committed to supporting and empowering indigenous communities worldwide. Our mission is to become a beacon of hope in times of change and transformation. We recognize the importance of providing indigenous peoples with the tools and resources they need to thrive, which is why we have developed a comprehensive registration service and database to connect, support, and empower these communities

Conglomerate of Sovereign Groups, Nations and Kingdoms

USIP-Group (web)

  • Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam (DOSM) (web)
  • Kingdom of St. Penn Solidarity (web)
  • Maroon Tribal Nativity (web
  • Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium 
  • The Ancient Kingdom of Yisrael   
  • The Ancient Royal Kingdom of Ophir
  • Tsalagiyi Cherokee Nation
  • United Africa Republic State
  • United Kingdom of Atlantis Worldwide (web
  • United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors

Our Services – Empowering Communities Through Registration and Database Services

International law: The Montevideo Convention & Treaty of December 26, 1933, Uruguay, defines sovereign states as having:
– a permanent population
– defined territory
– a flag
– national anthem
– a government not under another, and
– the capacity to interact with other states..

Registration Service: FRRf and USIP offers a registration service specifically designed for indigenous peoples. By registering State Sovereignty Certification with us, individuals and citizens thereof will be able to access a wealth of resources and benefits, including paperwork certification with the seal of a Proto-Notary.

Database for Indigenous Communities: Our extensive database will connect indigenous communities across the earth, promoting collaboration and the sharing of valuable knowledge and resources. This database fosters unity and allows communities to learn from one another, contributing to collective growth and prosperity.

Working with and not against

FRRf and USIP, along with our partners, adopts the slogan “working with and not against.” We believe in fostering an environment of collaboration, mutual respect, and understanding. By working together with various Nations, Solidarities and other Organizations, we aim to assist the design and building of a golden-age world-wide community complete with all the amenities and necessities required for a fully functioning independent network. Our vision includes the development of infrastructure for homes, farms, industrial factories, hotels, health resorts, schools, hospitals, tourism, education, trade, and banking… in line with the Montevideo Convention (Treaty of December 26, 1933, Uruguay) guidelines on the ‘Rights and Duties of States’. 

If you are a member of an indigenous community or an organization that supports indigenous peoples, we invite you to join us in our mission. By registering with USIP-Group and participating in our database, you can be part of a powerful, unified movement working towards a brighter future for indigenous communities worldwide.

USIP-Group is dedicated to empowering indigenous communities through our registration service and database. By working together with partners who share our values, we can establish a world-wide community that benefits from our collective strength and wisdom. Let us embrace the principle of “working with and not against” and create a brighter future for indigenous peoples across the earth