Defy all Odds and become self-actualized

What are the benefits of being woke?

People often ask: what are the benefits of being Sovereign Certified, operating out of a common Law Pure Trust (cLPT) or utilizing REVO Coin? And how do we interact between the two worlds – the world of the mundane (materialism) and the world of the arcane (spiritualism). It all has to do with self-realization and self-actualization as detailed in previous posts. Meaning, once the individual realizes what their law, nature and purpose is on earth; they have arrived at the doorway to sovereignty. They must then work toward actualizing that path of sovereignty. But in a world of multiple levels of distractions, how do we truly live as sovereigns? How do we truly live in accordance with our law, nature and purpose without being too distracted? One might say; it is all about balance.

Well, this is what the ‘United Humanitarian Trust Conglomerate’ is all about. The diagram below shows just a few of the entities that make up the UHT Conglomerate. The sovereign man and woman benefits from all the organizations’ individual and collective applications and context of freedom.

The United Humanitarian Trust foundation (UHTf): is the world’s largest foundation that acts as a custodian for historical assets and heritage funds for humanity. The UHTf is also the creator of the digitalReserve and the UDCRF, which is for the purpose of serving humanity in the areas of provisions of food, energy, water, clothing shelter and so forth. As a pioneering entity it is currently heading up several global projects which can be viewed on its website [].

The digitalReserve: is the umbrella bank of digital bond coins that are designed to facilitate medium to large scale projects such as town and city planning and building, new banking and government infrastructure, future aviation and international transportation innovation as well as assist major banks with large transactions… among many other uses. See [].

REVO Coin: is part of the Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation (UDCRF); one of four denomination of fully asset backed digital currencies. As a Certified Sovereign, the individual can create or align with existing humanitarian endeavours and projects, of which can be funded by the UDCRF. This is part of the sovereign’s self-actualization process. See [].

First Republic Registrar foundation (FRRf): is a private international registrar under the provisions of a cLPT. It provides blockchain recordation of titles such as Certification of Sovereignty, Certification of Nobility, Allodial Titles to landed property, cLPTs’ and other documentation of nobility and humanitarian causes. The Registrar’s Antrustione body includes Certified Sovereign Underwriters, SICJ Notary Public and other capacities of bankers in Sovereign Money Creation. See [].

The digitalMall: is our very own online shopping cartel with all the features of amazon, ebay etc., within which items are priced across the board in REVOs. Here, our sovereigns can purchase products, goods and services seamlessly using our REVO Coin mobile app. No need for currency conversions as REVOs are a fixed stable currency (non-volatile) and all prices are stable and reliable. You can book flights, hotels, and buy absolutely anything and everything in REVO.

Sovereign ICJ-ICC: is the Sovereign: International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court, that was originally established in 1811AD, to protect the said historical assets and heritage funds now entrusted under the UHTf. Its functions to date continue with the Redemption of ALL Imperial and Historic Treasures and Assets for the Wellbeing of Humanity and the Protection of the World and Beyond moving forward.

Kashta Media: is a platform focused on providing Digital Media Marketing Technology services, including Programmatic Artificial Intelligence software and applications. Its innovations include web development, mobile apps, blockchain applications and desktop and mobile ad campaigns..

4DEX: is a Trading Platform of four digital exchanges where commodities of all kinds can be bought or sold in REVO and other denominated currencies from UDCRF. You will place your REVO, etc., with one of our in-country Agents, who will have a Trading Account with all of our Exchanges on the Trading Platform. The Traders will trade among themselves in one main location but across all time-zones and markets allowing for maximization of your profits. As we say, “You cannot profit FROM the REVO but you can make profit WITH the REVO”, as the REVO is a fixed fully asset backed digital currency.

Communiti: is our own safe environment for Social Community Networks; unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, etc, we are offering a non-Data Collecting, non-Spying Social Environment with all of these features, rich styles of APPs, but with none of the negative features that you have to sign up to being on any of the Old World Apps like Facebook, etc. Also, you will be able to seamlessly use your REVO inside Communiti to send and receive funds as well as building your own user groups and forums for trading goods and services, planning and attending events and social gatherings.

Self-realization in action

So, imagine you have found your law, nature and purpose to be that of a teacher. The objective, therefore, ought to be one that lays out a life path of teaching endeavors. Correct? Technically, it is like getting paid to be yourself. This is where the idea of creating, or aligning with existing, “teaching” projects come into play. The UDCRF (via its appointed in-country agencies) will consider your project plans and applications for funding. Just think, your lifestyle basics and necessities will be covered; food, energy, water, clothing, shelter and so forth. As an ordained sovereign from birth, we believe you ought to be paid for achieving the goal of arriving here on earth plane to begin with. The journey from the astral into the material is not an easy one. Consider that you were one out of millions of sperm-cells that made the journey and was successful in the fertilization of the egg. Now here you are.

So, the path along the journey includes:

  • Become Sovereign Certified
  • Establish your common Law Pure Trust
  • Setup projects for the benefit of humanity in general
  • Enjoy your life, liberty and happiness and teach others to do the same.

Life in general is about self-realization and self-actualization: we live, we experience, we learn, and we move on. And repeat the cycle in as many contexts as possible until the ultimate desired fulfilment is reached.

Abraham Maslow, in his “hierarchy of needs” theory, defines the levels toward Self-Actualization as follows:

However, starting with Maslow’s first publication of his theory in 1943, he described human needs as being relatively fluid. Meaning, many needs may be present in a person simultaneously.