Sovereignty Certification

Why is Sovereignty Certification necessary?

We are all very familiar with birth registration, which has been a requirement of most commonwealth State Governments since 1873. However, the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1873 and subsequent amendments etc., are all suspended under the Geneva Convention 1930, due to the international bankruptcy. There are 193+2 countries, operating in bankruptcy, that make up today’s world. This leaves us with a predicament as to whether or not our current birth registration is a lawful one. A distinction therefore has to be made between what is lawful-(UCc, common law) and what is legal-(legislative, admiralty law).

It has become obvious to those awakened to sovereignty certification that a birth registration form is a creation and conveyance of a legal title to the flesh and blood body, albeit a fictional title. It is fictional because a bankrupt entity such as a state government cannot lawfully create and issue titles of nobility. No corporate entities or agents thereof are authorised to issue sovereignty or titles of nobility. However, the corpus (natural body) allodial title a.k.a. Sovereignty Certificate is applicable to our physical flesh and blood body and is lawfully paramount to the birth certificate.

Here is the general rule. Before any legal or common law title can be properly created and enacted, there must first be an allodial title to the body (corpus) created and enacted, which in essence is the certification of sovereignty. This very crucial step has been overlooked without respect to billions of people around the world. Only an Exchangor/Grantor of a common Law Pure Trust foundation, such as the latter of The First Republic Registrar foundation (FRRf), can issue Sovereignty Certificates to living flesh and blood men and women. The Official Certified Sovereign Underwriter (OCSU) office of FRRf is appointed the role of issuing sovereignty certification and allodial titles to property and to private conveyances.

Sovereignty is the simple sight and/or visual recognition act of one’s humanity by the Exchangor/Grantor of the cLPT, one of the two participants in the fidelity ceremony is. Since we live concurrent to a contracts-law society, it is paramount that every man and woman become sovereign certified, which is to issue a properly enacted allodial title to their body. The main benefit is that a certified sovereign now has the right of enjoyment of all STATE provided benefits/privileges without being subject to statutory obligations and banking rules.

Once allodial title to the body is properly enacted and issued, the earlier birth registration and all its government obligations become superseded. However, the individual still continues to enjoy all benefits/privileges provided by the STATE for his/her benefit under the provisions of the cLPT (and the rules of private necessity).

The 9 step Process toward achieving Sovereignty:

  1. Study the following FRRf Blog posts:
    1. What is Sovereignty
    2. The History of Sovereignty
    3. How do i use my Sovereignty Certificate
  2. Obtain a Certificate of Sovereignty here.
  3. We recommend setting up a Common Law Pure Trust (cLPT) foundation to protect your estate.
  4. Attend one of our training workshops. Contact us to make arrangements here.
  5. Optionally: notify your Heads of State of your enactment of sovereignty.
  6. Optionally: file a public notice with a non-UCc-1 filing statement
  7. Align with the United Humanitarian Trust foundation (UHTf) by setting up and running humanitarian projects for the benefit of yourself, family and your wider community. We will tell you more on how to go about this as we progress with your journey toward sovereignty.
  8. Align with Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation (UDCRF). We will tell you more on how to go about this as we progress with your journey toward sovereignty.
  9. Live the life you love and love the life you live.

Quantum Sovereignty

For individuals that have an understanding of Quantum Language and wish to obtain Sovereignty Certification in Quantum Language, click here for more information.