This post is taken directly from the ebook: The 5 Roads to Freedom, by Paul Simons. “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.” Arundhati Roy Economic demolition The concept of Economic demolition (“Ed”) was played out for the world to see on … Read more

What is Solvency

Certificate of Solvency Having a Solvency Certificate is like having belt and braces (an abridgement to the Sovereignty Certificate). I.e., better to have it and don’t need it, than need it and don’t have it. In fact, all certificates officiated by FRRf’s Proto-Notary compliment and support each other, in one way or another. It is … Read more

Sovereignty and Naming Formats

Introduction People are often unsure or unclear of the different styles and naming formats of their name. For example, most people who are awakened to Sovereignty already know and understand the difference between their natural living bodies and the ALL CAPS non-living legal entity existing commercially, that is supposedly created for their benefit. Here, we … Read more

What is Personal Sovereignty?

Birthrights and Freedoms Personal Sovereignty is the concept where individuals possess inherent birthrights and freedoms that cannot be infringed upon by external forces, such as government or societal norms. It is the knowing that individuals are the ultimate authority in their own lives and have the birthright to make decisions and choices that align with … Read more

Balancing Mental Warfare With Love

Battle of the Minds As we transcend a couple hundred years of blatant mental-warfare by the word and wor(l)d government that was, I’d like to know your thoughts on my thoughts, of the wholistic approach I feel we could take going forward, rather than fall back into anything below self governance and sovereignty in the … Read more

Natural Law, Common Law and Admiralty Law

Introduction to Natural Law Natural Law is everything to do with the principles and tendencies of natural-nature. This includes the balancing (karmic) forces, causes and effects of the cycles and seasons within absolute-nature. By absolute-nature we mean all-beings, all-places and all-things – also, all-space, all-matter and all-time. There are natural laws, natural natures and natural … Read more

The Proto-Notary

General Introduction to Notaries The status of the Notaries public has to do with an officer of the law (or officer of the court) whose primary function is to bear witness to certain documentation. Historically, Notaries public (also called “notaries”, “notarial officers”, or “public notaries”) hold an office that can trace its origins back to … Read more

The Equitable Maxims of Sovereignty

The inherent relationship between sovereignty and the known equitable maxims.  Strictly speaking, although the common Law Pure Trust (cLPT) foundation is domiciled within its own exclusive jurisdiction and is not in any colourable jurisdictions of local law (statute, legislative, admiralty, equity etc), it also inherently (automatically and naturally) includes the maxims of equity, which we … Read more