Balancing Mental Warfare With Love

Battle of the Minds As we transcend a couple hundred years of blatant mental-warfare by the word and wor(l)d government that was, I’d like to know your thoughts on my thoughts, of the wholistic approach I feel we could take going forward, rather than fall back into anything below self governance and sovereignty in the … Read more

Natural Law, Common Law and Admiralty Law

Introduction to Natural Law Natural Law is everything to do with the principles and tendencies of natural-nature. This includes the balancing (karmic) forces, causes and effects of the cycles and seasons within absolute-nature. By absolute-nature we mean all-beings, all-places and all-things – also, all-space, all-matter and all-time. There are natural laws, natural natures and natural … Read more

The Proto-Notary

General Introduction to Notaries The status of the Notaries public has to do with an officer of the law (or officer of the court) whose primary function is to bear witness to certain documentation. Historically, Notaries public (also called “notaries”, “notarial officers”, or “public notaries”) hold an office that can trace its origins back to … Read more

The Equitable Maxims of Sovereignty

The inherent relationship between sovereignty and the known equitable maxims.  Strictly speaking, although the common Law Pure Trust (cLPT) foundation is domiciled within its own exclusive jurisdiction and is not in any colourable jurisdictions of local law (statute, legislative, admiralty, equity etc), it also inherently (automatically and naturally) includes the maxims of equity, which we … Read more

Sole/Soul Sovereign Trust

Questions by FRRf put to Lord Randall Earl Kaiser 1) What does Sovereignty mean to you?  In my mind, or shall I say in my gut/heart/brain mind, sovereignty is about convergence with one. A trust so to speak that needs to be secured and adhered to. Of course, when considering that we currently live in … Read more

How do i use my Sovereignty Certificate

How do I activate my Sovereignty certificate? A lot of people ask the questions: “how do I activate my certificate”, “how do I enforce my certificate”, or “will my certificate be recognised by local authority”? Well, here are a few pointers to help bring clarity to the situation. The first thing to realise and align … Read more

Definitions, Types and Characteristics of Sovereignty

Introduction In this post we are summarizing a few definitions, types and characteristics of Sovereignty – mostly from a political science perspective. We are highlighting these perspectives in order to make a clear distinction between Political Science and Nature Science as pertaining to Sovereignty, which we will do toward the end of this post. Definitions … Read more

Commercial Redemption – fallacy or reality?

Disclaimer  The Antrustiones and honorary members of First Republic Registrar foundation (FRRf) are not here to provided legal advice at any level nor in any way, shape or form. We are not legal entities nor are we tied to any specific legal jurisdiction of law. To clarify our slogan: ‘working with and not against’ simply explains … Read more

The History of Sovereignty

A comparative view of how sovereignty relates to state-government and to individual men and women. In order to fully grasp what sovereignty is all about, it is imperative that we go back in time and study its evolution throughout the ages from the 12th Century until today. We must also consider the fact that there … Read more

Sovereignty Certification

Why is Sovereignty Certification necessary? We are all very familiar with birth registration, which has been a requirement of most commonwealth State Governments since 1873. However, the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1873 and subsequent amendments etc., are all suspended under the Geneva Convention 1930, due to the international bankruptcy. There are 193+2 countries, operating … Read more