This post is taken directly from the ebook: The 5 Roads to Freedom, by Paul Simons.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.”
Arundhati Roy

Economic demolition

The concept of Economic demolition (“Ed”) was played out for the world to see on September 11, 2001. But what exactly is Ed? We are talking about the end of a particular economic era, the end of 210 years of bankruptcy. The World Trade centre (“WTc”) had been filled to its brim (including building no.7) with nothing but banking instruments including several types of commercial paper – bonds, securities, medium term notes etc. In order for the new economy to take its position in the market place, the old system had to be demolished. That is to say, the twin towers and other buildings had to be demolished in order to destroy the said commercial paper, which by that time had become redundant; and what a place to initiate this Ed, the WTc.

The problem with this is the sacrificing of human lives, hence fianchetto. The reality is this. If you build a warehouse to store unwanted and/or used goods, eventually you will have to destroy it. That is fine and clearly understandable – but – do not kill people in the process.

Conspiracy theorists might argue that this was a deliberate sacrifice of the people (by some culprit) to give the impression of a terrorist attack.

But, Ed is important in a monetary society like we have in the world today, but without fianchetto. Our main goal toward Sovereignty, Solvency and Afianchetto, therefore, has to be that of a golden age society where very little need for a medium-of-exchange (money) exists. This may sound like an ambitious statement; however, it is not impossible. The last time this was nearly achieved was before the Egyptian times; in the Atlantean era. However, we point out if they (the demolitionists) would just perform Ed without making people expendable, we would have an economic golden age with cLPT provisions at the core thereof.

Making people expendable for profit is called “fianchetto (chess move were the pawn clears for the back row’s fools-mate).” People have been made to be expendable just like the pawn and that is not acceptable by people of high sentient awareness.

People over profit

In a golden age society concepts of ‘bartering’ and ‘gifting economics’ take precedence over the use of mediums of exchange. Bartering is a simple exchange of goods and services between individuals. Gifting economics is a concept of which individuals gift their skills, products and services to the people of the community for the sake of fulfilling the demands. That is to say, each individual contributes something to the benefit of the collective. Take John, Mary and Peter, for example. John is a farmer, Mary produces garments and Peter is a mechanic. The three do what they do best for the love of the collective, and expects nothing in return. Of course, they will each benefit from what every other contributing member of the community brings to the table.

In this type of community, a medium of exchange such as money is totally unnecessary, as everything is provided for internally. The idea of gifting doesn’t require a contract or social agreement. The individual who is in abundance simply gives his/her surplus commodity or produce to the benefit of whoever requires it in the community.

In the context of Solvency, let us take for granted that 100 people within a community have access to 1% of the annually available dividend of the UCcCTA. That is $10M per person per year. If John presents the community, today, with a yield of bananas, what would be the point of him charging $1 per bunch to his neighbour if both individuals have access to $10M per year? Or better yet, what if they had full access to the $1B per year? We can see that $1, gain or loss, would not make the slightest difference to either of them. Thus, the money becomes a redundant item within the community, since it is available in abundance. This is the power of collective Solvency; ironically the huge wealth acquired collectively suddenly loses its significance.

Once the illusion of the perceived significance and value of money is removed, it becomes easier to place people over profit; Afianchetto.

And, as stated, once the world banks under the guidance of the Top Twelve banks (“TTb”) underpin their currency(s) with certificates, we will then have an internationally solvent banking system. It is that simple.

Jail break, the future is now

As quoted earlier, another world is not only possible, she is on her way. Due to an amazing sequence of events, initiated and powered by some of the most dynamic, freedom-seeking people on the planet, we stand at a crossroads, where we have the unique opportunity to permanently lift humanity out of misery and poverty, as we watch the old, unfair systems crumble around us in every direction.

“It is by Divine Authority of the Creator that all People are endowed with certain unalienable, natural Rights and Liberties; which no authority, man-made law, government or religion can rightfully diminish or abolish. Any power that attempts to do so is tyrannical and illegitimate, even if it operates according to its own laws – for such tyranny is a denial of the Natural Laws of Creation”

The first step toward complete jail break is to realise the possibility that almost everything we have been taught is a lie; from law, religion, history, astronomy, government, banking to science etc. As we awaken to this reality, we also awaken to the alternatives, a future that is literally here and now. As one world is fading away a new one is emerging.

We are at the point of a planetary shift. It is eminent. We feel it and therefore we know it. It is like a tipping point where the lower vibrations of sensate beings is disintegrating whilst a higher vibration of sentient beings is about to explode into full awareness. In other words third dimensional space is disintegrating whereas fourth and fifth dimensional space is becoming realised. The matrix of darkness is deconstructing and more and more sensate beings are realising that they are the pioneers of the changes and transformations that are literally here and now. On the commercial level, too, there is change and transformation. Corporate commerce used to run everything. Not anymore. People are becoming aware of sovereignty, solvency and non-fianchetto. The UCcDTA and UCcCTA are just two of many systems that had been put in place to free the people from tyranny and insolvency. The future, now, is that of a golden age international society where fiat money no longer exist; rather credit exists in abundance with the irony of no longer being of any significance. In other words, the more money the world populous has transparent access to, is the more money becomes less significant.

The future is now. The solvency provisions are already in place. By virtue of you reading this small book should remind you of something very important about yourself. You are one of the few chosen people, among the ‘many are called’ prognosis. It is time to consider your-self as one of the Lord and/or Lady sovereign-creditors of the new system. No longer are you to be assumed to be a debtor of that old legally-dead system. You and I are the source of all the money-creation in the world; even where it had stupidly been legalised as debt, as opposed to being legalised as credit. To deny your-self of this position is to say that someone else has authority over your life and therefore you are in debt to [them]. No other person, group or entity can lawfully own your life. That is just an illusion, created by the birth registration and certification.