What is Solvency

Certificate of Solvency

Having a Solvency Certificate is like having belt and braces (an abridgement to the Sovereignty Certificate). I.e., better to have it and don’t need it, than need it and don’t have it. In fact, all certificates officiated by FRRf’s Proto-Notary compliment and support each other, in one way or another. It is all about being creative. This is the standing of being sovereign, and living a life of sovereignty and solvency.

In short, the position of the sovereign-being (real men and women) is that we are not our legal-name, aka STRAWMAN. This distinction must be made mentally, spiritually, emotionally, economically and physically. On all conscious levels and dimensions. Thus, legal obligations only apply to the legal-name, and not to the real living-being, the sovereign-being.

[In a manner of speaking, you may never have to use these certificates. I mean, how often do you ever have to pull out your STRAWMAN’S birth certificate to prove something or make a point or support an administration process?]

But as a practical example… you may choose to use the Certificate of Solvency to prove that the real-man (you) are a creditor, as distinct from the STRAWMAN (the legal-name) as a debtor. Or, to be more specific, the real-man may want to issue a letter of credit or promissory note [the belt] on behalf of the STRAWMAN and attach the Certificate of Solvency [the braces] to further legitimise the process.

Solvency, in general, is one of the 5 Planks, as explained by Paul Simons, in the book: The 5 roads to freedom: (1) Sovereignty, (2) Solvency, (3) Afianchetto, (4) Health & Wellbeing, and (5) Culture. The first three planks were originally coined and explained by Grantham Taylor Hughes, while the latter two were added by Paul Simons, making it 5 planks.

To be Solvent, in the Sovereign space, is to be in debt to no-one. You must always assume the position of being in credit to any and all persons/places/things. Solvency is about having the means to meet all financial obligations with ease. If you are in debt to some person/place/thing, then you are not sovereign over that situation. While in your mind and heart you may know this, the outside would may not. Therefore, the Certificate of Solvency is used to express your position as a creditor in certified contract document form.

That being said, it is not just about issuing paper documents such as letters of credit or promissory notes. It is also about using your creative genius to actually generate financial wealth. This will demonstrate you are truly a Sovereign who is Solvent on every level. Remember, a sovereign individual or sovereign state cannot be in debt to anyone. The position of sovereignty and solvency must be one of self sufficiency and internal reliance. 

If you are reading this post for the first time, then we recommend studying all the posts of this blog to get better clarification of what Sovereignty is all about. You may also acquire the book: The 5 roads to freedom to study the 5 Planks in more detail.