Is Sovereignty Certification a Silver Bullet or a Discretionary Process?

I would like to look at Sovereignty Certification and its application in the context of discretion. Each of us are able to exercise discretion and this also applies to institutions and how they may interact with the individual.

So let us look at this in the context of freedom of movement and travelling. Let us imagine that you have all your documents, your passport and your visa, you also have your financial means to travel, everything booked and all your costs are covered. When you arrive at the airport (Covid or any other restrictions not withstanding) there is still a discretionary process as to whether you will be allowed onto the airline. You could be drunk, unwell, dressed inappropriately, or being difficult in some way. So the airport, the airline and indeed the country, still has the discretion to refuse entry based on a variety of reasons regardless of whether or not you have the finest paperwork to hand.

The same thing will apply to the Sovereign Certificate or a Vaccination Exemption Certificate. It is indeed our will to say that we are using our discretion not to be vaccinated under Covid guidelines and/or using our discretion not to be tested using a PCR method because of various factors – and here is my certificate to certify that (with supporting paperwork under a contract law society). And because it is at OUR discretion we will find that it will not be challenged. But they too still have THEIR discretion.

So what does it come down to? It comes down to each individual case and how it is dealt with at that moment in time. Each case has its own merits, and there is no silver bullet, unless of course you are operating under diplomatic immunity, privileges, or courtesy which is not normally granted to the general public as such status requires specific relationships with international organisations or groups involved in humanitarian projects for example.

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To further elaborate, you could enter into a supermarket with money to do shopping but for whatever reason, overcrowding, fire drill etc., it is at the shop keeper’s discretion to allow you to enter or not. Going back to the earlier example of the airport, another instance is where a person is attempting to board with too much luggage. Yes, it is possible to pay for the excess as the terms state this but you can still be refused as a matter of the airlines discretion even though you may have the money to pay for the additional baggage.

Another example are Bills of Exchange or Promissory Notes. They can be perfect in their construction, fully notarised, sealed by the court etc., but it is still down to the discretion of the bank whether they will accept that specie of payment. So unless you have a private relationship with a banker or whomsoever you are issuing that promissory note to, you should understand that it will boil down to a matter of discretion.

Although you may attempt to enforce your documentation using such methods as commercial liens, we need to understand that these documents are not a silver bullet solution either. Sovereignty is an expression of mind and spirit. It has nothing to do with debtor/creditor relationships, nothing to do with Freeman on the Land, and has nothing to do with escaping the system. It has to do with an expression of mind as a lifestyle choice declaration. While we cannot guarantee a silver bullet outcome, the sovereignty documents, however, at least provide the opportunity administratively.