Balancing Mental Warfare With Love

Battle of the Minds

As we transcend a couple hundred years of blatant mental-warfare by the word and wor(l)d government that was, I’d like to know your thoughts on my thoughts, of the wholistic approach I feel we could take going forward, rather than fall back into anything below self governance and sovereignty in the three-dimensional  jurisdiction vehicle that we all exist in – Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Body… where we either choose to be self governing. or, we allow media and altered ego’s of indoctrinated doctors and snake oil selling politicians who truly come from a space beyond common sense and logic, to exploit and manipulate humanity.

Mind... where once again we can choose between our own experience and knowledge; our own discernment and inner wisdom, or, we look to science and media for governing advice.

Spirit… which we sometimes mix up with outer beliefs, rather than knowing that the Divine Source/Creator, conspired with nature to get us started with Love and then challenge us to not see Love in the various adventure “stories”, which we all have a big part in co creating.

In fact, my “ belief” is that beyond the sovereign breathing, heart beating, blood circulating mammal that we are each manifested into, our entire story and IT’s happenings are our own responsibility and manifestation. Or, at the very least, our perception of IT. I truly hope that we have all learned a thing or thousand about how ridiculously out of control world government can get and leave that realm behind as funding from the always unlimited/non-corporate non-government accounts are released for comfort for all people and projects that benefit Mother Earth and all life while doing no harm.

Accounts that have existed ever since the word bank had more meaning than the matter guiding the flow of water from the land to the seas. Accounts based on Nature’s precious and often shiny creations that mankind also considered precious and valuable enough to hoard and use in monetary manners. Men calling these mined items mine until they died, as all men do; and manifesting corporate holdings, banks, religious orders, monarchies and gatekeeper governments to pretend they owned the items with various stories. When all along the items were only Nature’s creation and like all other matter on earth, meant for all living beings/sovereigns to share for their comfort and conscious ascension, while doing as little harm as humanly possible.

Let us please not give up our power once again to King Donald or the White Hats who supposedly saved civilization, since this ascension was so much more than that. This was an inevitable ascension that happened in you and all of humanity, just the way Nature, the Universal Creator and co-creator with you NOW, meant IT to be beyond ego, which is inevitable and in fact necessary for human existence as long as we recognize it for what it is.

Simply man and mankind telling stories that we see as benevolent or more benevolent than those we consider malevolent. And, I’m not suggesting there were not, and always will be some psychotic malevolent humans around. However, the vast majority of mankind is simply kind, wanting peace and joy and the Love that we were all created into.

Now that the mental-battle over the Wor(L)ds of man is winding down, and patented words like covid, vaccination, and pharmaceutical allopathy and the governments they sponsor implode and melt away, along with many other sickening scientific and deceptive words and stories; let us please never forget Love this time.
 –  Unconditional Love;
 –  Self Body Love;
 –  Self Mind Governing Love;
 –  Self Spiritual;
 –  Divine Naturally Activated Love;
 –  Love for our natural and romantically intimate partners, families and friends;
 –  As well as, Collective Conscious Respectful Love, when organizing and guiding, rather than collective governing, with motives below Nature’s Law of Love;

Love for everyone and everything, every day.

By Randall Earl Kaiser